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Rescue in Cornwall after Cave Collapses

The Old Ruminator

Well-known member
In the i newspaper today.

"Explorer Falls 20ft after Cave Collapses "

Golly gosh I thought that must be worth a read. Is there a cave rescue team in Cornwall?  Did three fire appliances and half the Cornwall constabulary turn up ?

Well it turned out to be a "sea cave " at Trevone . Merited just a single helicopter apparently.
Round Hole is the result of a collapsed cave and it used to be something you could climb down. Matey attempted and fell and the CBC's own Bondy was the man on a rope. Like always half the world turned up in hi-viz


https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/register/the-danger-of-blow-holes-6l92jkdmh    I'm not sure if this article is accessible it was behind a paywall :confused:


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ALEXW said:
I'm not sure if this article is accessible it was behind a paywall :confused:

I vote with my feet as opposed to voting with my credit card or giving anyone my 'details'. More people need to start resisting all this, read my signature.


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Couldn't agree more, Roy ? especially after the latest revelations from Herr Zuckermann.


I don't pay, I get it free because of where I work. The only, slightly, interesting bit was the first paragraph which is accessible to all, that's why I posted it even knowing that full access to the whole article was unlikely for most. :)

I change my name slightly when signing up for things, Alex or Alexander, use my middle initial or even misspelling. It gives me an indication of who is using what information and it is amazing how quickly and how far my details spread. I'm not sure I like the way this info mining is going but that is a whole new thread :-\



In reply to the op, yes there is BCRC affiliated rescue team in Cornwall but there is a lot of overlap with the coastguards cliff rescue teams