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Ribble rising rather quickly

Ian P

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Pics from CPC webcam showing a rather quick rising. (Look at the times)





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Andrew N

We were in Lost Johns yesterday - we knew it was going to piss down so it wasn’t unexpected that the water levels would rise, however it was quite spectacular to actually see.

We turned around (mid-rope) at the bottom of the Battle Axe traverse pitch. There was no question at all that the streamway down there was impassable - I wouldn’t have even bothered trying to stand up in it - quite spectacular!

On the way in, the water had been toe deep. On the way out, it was up to our knees. To our surprise, when we emerged, it was a beautiful sunny day. This just goes to show how wet it must’ve been for the few hours we were inside!

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I'm currently working on an EA job on the River Yarrow in Croston near Chorley, and which runs into the Ribble a few miles further downstream so it's affected by tides, and we've got conveyors on scaffolding 2.5m above the river - we had to strip them all out yesterday morning 'just in case', and it peaked at 2m exactly last night - so it wasn't strictly necessary, but they were on hire, so it was.


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In the Providence to dow streamway near the Dow end, there was foam well above head height which must had been from the rain on Friday. Dow cave itself was the same.