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Ribblehead cave collapsed?


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This might be me being daft as I have not visited it in 15 years until today, but...

I think Ribblehead cave has collapsed. When I was there I had assumed I was in the wrong place, that there must had been some near by hidden shake hole I missed in the field near the barn. But now, having read carefully the description and map I think I was almost certainly in the right place (though I could not check the SD as is misprinted in NC having only 5 digits). I was there for a good 10 minutes and could not find a way underground, so I wonder have both the upper and lower entrance has collapsed or was I just being blind? Can anyone who knows the cave confirm? Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures at the time as I assumed I was just in the wrong place.

This is the correct shakehole?



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The (ridiculously long*) Lat/Lon coordinates can be found in http://cavemaps.org/data/nc2.csv (The other two Northern Caves areas and other formats (gpx, js, json, kml) are available).

Putting them into google maps (54.213129916568 N 2.34371918621052 W) shows exactly that position.

* 1 degree of latitude is approx 111km. Dividing that by 10^12 (12 digits in the above coordinate) gives 111 nanometres, less than the wavelegth of blue light at 400 nm)


I don't know Ribblehead Cave but according to the CNCC website https://cncc.org.uk/cave/ribblehead-cave it's miles away from where you're looking. Click on the link to CaveMaps.org - they've positioned it up near Thwaite and no where near Ribblehead or Blea Moor Road.

It does look like you’ve got the right location from the description in NC2 though.

So unless it’s moved (which would explain why you can’t find it) CaveMaps must be wrong.


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May make another trip sometime with my trusty crowbar, though were the entrance was suppose to be there was lots of dead sheep remains too :(


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I still have not been back, have you been inside jcarter5826? Is it open, if it is it would make a good novice trip idea for a few novices I want to subject to misery this weekend.