River Levels and Weather Forecast - Yorkshire Dales


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Hi All

Following some changes to the Environment Agency website I've now updated the links to various river levels in the Yorkshire Dales (as below).

River Ribble Weir Webcam at Settle :  http://settlehydro.hubexpert.com:8080/shcamweir.php

The following sites show data provided by the Environment Agency for water levels on various rivers for the last 5 days (click on the river name):

River Wharfe - Kettlewell
River Wharfe - Grassington
River Aire - Gargrave
River Nidd - Pateley Bridge
River Nidd - Gouthwaite
River Ribble - Langcliffe
River Ribble - Settle
River Wenning - Clapham / Ingleton
River Rawthay - Sedbergh

Yorkshire Dales Weather Forecast:  http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/mountain-forecasts/yorkshire-dales#?tab=mountainWeather

As always, use your own judgement but the above sites should help you to make an informed decision (coupled with knowledge of the flooding potential of the intended cave/pothole).




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Excellent resource. Might it be worth including the Upper Swale at Park Bridge near Keld for cavers planning trips to Swaledale sites like Crackpot Cave and Cliff Force Cave?

Just a suggestion :)


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It's been down for a number of days. This happens from time to time but they usually get it fixed. It is an immensely valuable resource, particularly to cavers and to paddlers.
CPC now have a web cam showing the Ribble at Horton
https://cravenpotholeclub.org/ which is intended for cavers...

(Link in the Dales Weather Panel)


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I find this useful for seeing how much rain has fallen, although it only updates every 6 hours:



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The CPC have added a new webcam at Horton showing the conditions in Brants Gill (primarily for the delectation of the bubblers)
There's also a link from the CPC website https://cravenpotholeclub.org/


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. . . and I can assure you the "bubblers" are very grateful. This is a really valuable resource.

The link is also now on the Northern Section part of the CDG website.