Sallys Rift

As an enthusiast of “collectors item” caves Sallys Rift is one of those that I’ve read about and considered a trip for a while. Does anyone have any information about it? There’s a lot of academic material on the formation of gull caves out there that feature it, but mainly I’m wondering is it worth it? And if so, what is the access situation?


I've not been myself, but from what I've heard it's well worth the trip. Can't comment on current access situation I'm afraid.

If you're interested in other "collectors piece" trips in the general area, there are quite a few gull caves around my way (Cotswold Edge, north of Bristol), but generally summer only and quite sensitive/restrictive access. Trips can be gained with permission from the estate if you go through the right channels but any unofficial trips are likely to upset relations.

Andy Farrant

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I'd say it was worth it. It is something a bit different and fun from the sporting angle, with the bonus of some nice formations at the end in Far Rift. Certainly one an enthusiast of “collectors item” caves needs to tick off. Don't know the current access situation.


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Lots of climbing in rifts with spiders. Very steep access. Best approached from above. Used to be plastic sacks or carrier bags wrapped around the barbed wire where you leave the escarpment edge path. Not good for a wet day as it's a muddy slither!


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Definitely worthwhile - been in there a couple of times. If you look at everything you'll loose a couple of hours. There's a survey online if you search. The entrance warrants a handline (though there's nothing solid to tie it too) and further in there is a 5m ladder pitch. Not sure if you'd climb it without a ladder as we didn't try. Last time I visited, probably 10 years ago, there was a single rusty bolt to hang the ladder from and nothing natural that looked solid to back it up. We didn't die. As usual for Gull Caves there's plenty of loose rock and bits of wall come off in your hands so take care. Will be a bit of rummaging around in the woods to find it. Park in the big layby on the road and follow the obvious path uphill. If I remember correctly look for some 'cavey' looking rocks / small cliff line and you're in the right place. Climbers (bouldering) / walkers use the woods and park in the layby so I doubt you'll look out of place if quiet and discrete.


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You can always pop into Monkton Farleigh quarry while you're there.
Where there's also some interesting natural with a hell of a draught coming out.
Assume it would connect back to surface eventually, we pushed it down through a messy choke just before Xmas, but weren't really equipped for digging


Watch out for ticks, it's infested with them there. May be too early for them to be out, but who knows with the all over the place weather conditions we've had.

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There is more than one entrance to Sally's and at least one of the less obvious ones has been used as a latrine, probably by boulderers caught short in the wood. If you find that first, don't feel you have to squeeze over it. Look to the south to find a short scramble up to the most commonly used entrance.