Scotland caving host required


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Hey people we have a guest from Stockholm called Lorenz k Rossato who is traveling to Scotland from the 27 Dec until 4 Jan and is hoping to find a friendly caver willing to take him out caving up there, is anyone available or knows someone who would be happy to show our friend around, please contact  Lorenz who's a member of our group or post a message to Admin in Descent caving group  We really would appreciate some assistance here folks never know where this could lead 😃 Thanks in anticipation and please ask or share around for us 😊

[gmod]I moved your post from the 'Caver Post' section to here as it is more likely to get a result. 'Caver Post' is for requests for cavers travelling from one UK area to another to help deliver something. I suppose you weren't planning to 'post' Lorenz. :) [/gmod]