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sea caves in the UK


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Hi Folks,
Interesting topic, these sea caves.  Most are not karstic and of little interest, except Fingals, for inspiration !

In warm interglacial periods, sea levels rose by as much as 100 metres, so some limestones were invaded by a brackish water-table. In Plymouth, the reef limestones are up to 800 feet deep, and work is being done via boreholes to establish the extent and nature of the halocline. There is evidence of some Devon caves having been formed along haloclines.
Linking cave's hydraulic profiles to haloclines is a growing field of research. Just think of the Chunnel construction !



The cliffs along the South Beach in Tenby have some nice caves in Carboniferous limestone. Where I first went caving. I spent many years trying to dig into the semi-mythical secret tunnels under the town alluded to by craggy uncles smoking pipes on the harbour wall. The tide coming in was an issue - you had to abandon the dig or die, so Deja Vu all over again, frequently.


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mikem said:
There are separate registers for several areas, CNCC covers north (including Scotland), MCRA -: Somerset & Dorset (elsewhere on previous link I posted) & Wales:

That is an awesome resource!  (y)


Northumberland has some great sea caves. The best are in the few miles of coastline between the mouth of the Tweed and the Scottish border, where there are 43 caves.


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Totally overwhelmed by the response here!  :clap: Thanks so much for the treasure trove of resources you provided. I am ready to go now  ;)



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