Sidetrack Cave - Conservation Methods


Jim Thompson

Cavers who have been or a planning a trip into Sidetrack since Friday 18th April will notice that a number of pegged, corded boundaries have been installed by members of Eldon PC. This is part of a pilot study on behalf of DCA and aims to preserve some of the as-yet unspoiled features in this as-yet relatively unspoilt cave.

A convention has been applied when installing the pegs- the cut end of the rod points towards the feature of interest. It should be noted that as well as the usual stal formations, a number of interesting sediment and flowstone deposits have been marked as well.

The aim of the project (which has also been busy in Dreamtime, Lathkill Head Cave- courtesy of Masson CG) is to preserve these rare and unique cave features for the enjoyment and study of future generations, whilst such a rare opportunity exists.

If anyone has any suggestions, or wishes to discuss further, please get in touch via email (see my profile) or through this forum.

Many Thanks, Jim Thompson (on behalf of DCA Conservation)