Sidmouth Adit


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Be warned, the entrance is currently at least 3 metres above beach level so you need spikes or a ladder to get in. I am also interested to note a stream is currently flowing out.


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gus horsley said:
I don't know anything about this.  Is it an iron mine?  I'm assuming it's not extensive.

Oih Gus!  I sent you an email.  Is Corwall still 6 feet under water?

The Sidmouth Tunnel
This curious underground feature lies about 250 metres east of the river mouth at Sidmouth. Driven in the early 19th century to carry stone from quarries further along the coast it was abandoned when the train that was supposed to use it was found to be too big. The tunnel contains deep water in sections and is home to lesser horseshoe bats. About 200 metres remain, and when the cliff line erodes back to the tunnel, which runs parallel to the cliff, there will be a very spectacular cliff fall! Although the rock is relatively unstable red marl it contains enough calcium carbonate for stalagmite formations to have developed making the walls quite colourful in places.



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