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Skydive for Cave Rescue

Cavefestuk are running a Gofundme appeal for the local Mendip Cave Rescue.
The official Gofundme page can be found here.
Heroes of the underground

On the 26th March at 12 midday, our volunteer Matty Dredge will be thrown out of an aeroplane at 15000 feet, strapped to a professional skydiver. You can view the video appeal here.

CavefestUK Skydive for Charity appeal

Its a great cause, and as cavers, we appreciate the importance of cave rescue and its valiant volunteers.
Cavers helping avers, so let's return the favour and do them proud.

We have a target of £1000 and we are a quarter of the way there, so please, if you can, dig deep and support a worthy cause.

Thank you.
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Its just over 24hrs to go before Matty takes to the skies.
We will be at Honiton airfield at 12 noon to encourage him along the way. I'm pretty sure he's gonna be a little scared.

Unless the weather decides otherwise, and we will know by 4pm today, the 25th March if its postponed, Matty will jump at 15000ft, and we're gonna film every little bit of it.
No pressure then.........

More updates today at 5pm.
Unfortunately, Buzz Skydive have postponed the jump today due to poor weather forecast and cloud cover. Safety first everyone.

We will of course update you all with a new date once re booking has been completed.

Don't Worry Matty, we will throw you out another day. Hehee
Here we go again.
Just 2 days to go before the re attempt of the big jump.
Support Cave Rescue and follow the link above to donate.
Every penny goes to charity.
Go for it Matty.
Well I must admit, this is beginning to weigh me down.
Another's postponed jump.
Not the best of news, but we can all agree,
Safety first.

The again rescheduled date is.
Sunday 21st May 10am

Let's hope the weather behaves itself this time and Matty finally gets to jump.

Don't forget. You can show your support for Matty by donating.
The link is above, but just in case, here is is again.

Heroes of the underground
One last push.
Matty Dredge has finally completed his skydive for charity.
I'm sure you have all seen the links to donate, and if you can, please help us to make a difference.


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