Skyhook pitch


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I visited skyhook today and planned to use the pullup cord to rig my rope. Instead I found that the pullup cord had been removed and coiled up on the floor. And an in situ rope was in its place. I went up this and then rigged my own rope as a pull thru from the top . The insitu rope has a cored section in the middle that has now been isolated in an alpine butterfly. But there wasn't enough slack to isolate a good loop for clipping into.

Just wondering if anyone claims the rope and the removal of the pullup cord?


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Which cave system is "Skyhook pitch" in?

Are you referring to the pitch up into Skyhook Inlet in Alum Pot or somewhere else?


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The Skyhook pitch is not an 'official fixed aid', and is therefore not maintained by SWCC. I believe the rope has been there for a few years, but the hang is not ideal (as the anchors were not installed for SRT). I also believe the pull-up cord was removed because there were issues with it (cutting into the maillons or the anchors I think?).

All that said, it would be good to get it tidied up, and things will hopefully move in that direction in due course...


The pull though cord was there in March 2022. But our club visited the skyhook a few weeks ago with the intention of going up. But found a in sit rope and the cord wrapped up on a rock. We did not ascend this rope as there was no way of seeing if it had big rigged safely. And as this is not a maintained rope, this part of the cave has now become un-accessible.


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There was also another (long) way round via Hayden's Dig, three small up pitches, one down pitch to Mutiny Junction, and up the p8 and p20 near the Loft, but I think at least some of the ropes on that route (round trip via the Skyhook) have been removed.