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Small P8 Update


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Just a little update. We've been to P8 sump 10 twice this last weekend and relined sump 9.

Laid 30m of line in it at 10m depth heading ESE and its continuing but absolutely miserable.

Alastair Gott, Darren Jarvis, Tommy Moore, Rostam Namaghi and Ellen Cooper all helped carry Saturday.

Will Whalley put in a super human effort to remove quite a lot of bottles solo on Sunday.

Again, with mammoth effort, Rachel Rix, Leo Bradley, Helen Fairclough, Rob Middleton and myself removed 10 rather large bottles tonight in an hour and half car to car.

Rob Middleton, Josh Bratchley and myself relined S9 Saturday.

JB and myself dived S10 Sunday.

I'd just like to give a huge vote of thanks to everyone involved in this project so far and continuing.

The cave will be re-rigged and surveyed beyond the sumps soon hopefully.


Saturday team


Thursday night team

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Yep, too many! apparently they had Too Much Gas?

not something you hear many divers complain of, but still I got a pint out of it and I'm sure I've had a few bottles of beer as well through the year.

It's a shame as he'll go elsewhere in the UK, unless we can get him to dive deeper Derbyshire sumps...? or he wants a crack at digging through a sumped vertical choke in PB Chamber (oxlow).


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With the gas still there we could have done another trip to the end with very comfortable reserves!

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