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So which Caving Club Hut won the framed photos?


Staff member

Who won (rather fittingly as Paul Deakin was a Derbyshire caver) the two framed photographs.



I'll arrange caver post to get them to you.

Thanks  to all who supported the competition - we have some great caving huts don't we?!  ;)
Congratulations to the Orpheus, definitely a contender for best view from a caving club hut - maybe that could be next month's competition?  Whitewalls and Brackenclose would also be contenders IMO.

Jenny P

Active member
The best view for my money has to be from the Grampian Hut - sunset behind Suliven in the summer is totally gobsmacking!  And you can feast your eyes on a magnificent range of Scottish mountains right in front of you. 

IMHO absolutely no contest!

Mind you, sitting on the bench on the sunny side of the Orpheus Hut on a nice afternoon in summer is pretty good.


Active member
The geology around the Grampian is pretty impressive too....Knockan is just down the road....


Staff member
Photos all packed and ready to take to Hidden Earth - would someone from Orpheus please come and collect them from the UKC stand?  Thanks  :)

Jenny P

Active member
I'll be there running the British Caving Library stand so I'll come over and collect them.  As Orpheus Cottage Booking Secretary I feel it's only fitting!    ;)