South Crofty Open day 21 July 07

gus horsley

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There's the annual South Crofty open day on this Saturday, starting about 10:00.  There'll be underground tours, various masculine competitions (including welly-throwing apparently) and much, much more.

Erm, that's it really....


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where can i find out more? I'll try googling it but if you can be more specific that would help.  Always regretted not visiting Wheal Jane when I worked at Treliske 30 years ago.


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It's worth going - I went on the NAMHO trip in June.

We stood at the top of the lift shaft when they set off some explosives down below. Awesome!


gus horsley

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After all that I missed it myself!  Ended up getting diverted to a monkey sanctuary because it was one of the grandkid's birthdays.  How inconsiderate is that?


Would that be the woolly monkey sanctuary down in them parts, visited it once some years back and it is quite fun but nowhere near as much fun as the mine sounds.