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Stal - Repair


Staff member
Thanks for posting this (have shared on the UKC FB page) - so good to see conservation in action  :)


New member
One thing that intrigues me with this sort of repair, is how do you manage to drill the opposing holes in the correct place to ensure that the stal pieces line up correctly with the steel rod in place?


Active member
A tiny piece of the ink-soaked fibre from a marker pen placed on the bottom stal, then carefully position the broken top in place. Drill into the marks!


Nice.. Did you use a larger diameter drill than the rod, thus allowing a bit of movement on the rod. In case the direction of the two holes was slightly out. (and resin to fill/glue)


Well-known member
I've been doing something similar to repair an old salt-glaze feed trough, though I was using a small pad soaked in paint to mark the opposing sides.  Drilling was done with a small-diameter diamond coring drill to take 8mm brass rod scored with a hacksaw to bind into the  bolting resin.


Active member
Yes - a larger diameter drill than the rod. Also used the drilling dust in with the resin where the latter would be seen.