Tanne du Bel Espoir - Grotte de la Diau


Some friends of mine are off to do this trip in the summer - does anyone have a detailed description or is there a guide available.

Also - anyone got a decent map/grid ref for the entrance of the Tanne du Bel Espoir.


I have an 11 page description for the Tanne Du Bel Espoire to Grott De La Diau traverse (in English!), including 3 A4 surveys/drawings which can be posted to you if you want.

You mentioned in your text this morning about going off to France soon. I also have a rigging diagram and a bit of a map on how to find the hole for said cave - which I found very useful when we did it in '99', if you are interested.



yeah - copies of both would be great. The lads are actually back now - but its a trip I would like to do in the future. I'll pm my address, if you could post me them - I'd be very grateful.



Yeah - next day - cheers.

Starting to get familier with all the pitchs. Cant wait.

Looks quite stormy in the vercores at the moment. hope they get it rigged nicely by the time we get there. :p

Think Ive got everything sorted bar the fact that I cant seem to get one of those yellow suits for love nor money. Having to drive over to buxton tonight to see if CS have em. (HnH only have XL and XXL in stock). :cry: