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Not caving related (at least not directly), but I'm currently looking to buy a tent, and wondering if anyone has any recommendations

Looking for something :
Big enough for one tall narrow person (6ft 2ish)
Lightweight (somewhere between 1 and 1.5kg)
Strong enough for dealing with windiness in the mountains
ideally has a small porch area that I can use to heat up some water for a brew

Any and all recommendations happily received.


What’s your budget Josh? Hilleberg Akto is the design a lot of solo tents seem to be based on but it’s mega expensive. I have a Fjallraven Abisko Lite which is based on it, I bought it in a sale so it was an easy choice for me.


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Try these


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Thanks guys, I deliberately didn't put a budget, as I'm not entirely sure what the budget is. One of those, if there's value in spending more (because it's just clearly better, or it'll have more longevity) then I'll do it.

Taking a butchers at all of these. Got an opportunity to get a sierra designs high side for about 200 quid - anyone have any experience?


Just had a look at the High Side 1 - layout wise it looks similar to the ones I mentioned (1 person shaped, side porch/access etc.
Observations - 1. seems to be full mesh, which may be a slight concern if you plan to use it in winter etc (or maybe more generally the UK some seasons!)
Poles attach to the inner. Great if it's really hot and you want to pitch it as a bug net. They also seem to keep the inner tent a bit more suspended. One thing about mine is the inner sags a bit and can feel a bit claustrophobic / in your face at times.
However the poles on mine are tiny, and attach to the fly, which means I never separate the fly and inner and the whole pack size easily goes into a rucksack. Just that bit less faff to put up, although string across the base can make it a bit tangly

For 200 quid I'd be tempted TBH... it's about 500g lighter than the 4 season Akto/Abisko etc


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managed to get the high side for 190 in the end. Thanks all for your input!

Will get it in the next couple of weeks and will just get out and see how quickly I can pack up/take it down (as it's inner first) in practice for the rain.

Thanks all for the suggestions.


Josh had I seen this I would have suggested Terra Nova. Or there cheaper cousin wild country. I have a wild country base camp four man tunnel tent, which is definitely not back packable. But the same model I had a 7 man was the only tent left standing after gale force winds


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Off topic, but I was given a Wild Country Homestead 4, which I think is quite similar to the one Badger has too (big communal area and sleeping for 4 people). i've used it once, for two nights, makes a good base tent. Can be used without the "sleeping pods", so good for a mess tent. If anyone needed to borrow it then I'd quite happily lend it to most people on here.