The Cwmystwyth Mines - special edition book


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Cwmystwyth Mines Author Simon Hughes, A4, Card Covers, 78pp produced as a special edition

I am pleased to advise that,  a small number of copies of this book have been found at the now deceased printers.  this is a much sought after Monograph on this most popular site includes details and plans of these mines . The mines now belong to the Cambrian Mines Trust  and are much more accessible for mining historians and explorers alike. Sadly all too late for preservation of  the Mill Building.

This book gives history of mining activity, there are plans of the levels and descriptions of the remains which were to be found on the site . Its visited by Cavers and mine explorers alike. With great thanks to Roy Fellows making access so much better for all



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Here is Mikes link, they are ?12 a copy