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    Have you or your club benefitted from Ghar Parau funding for an expedition?

    To mark the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its creation, a meal is to be held at the Anchor Inn in Tideswell, Derbyshire on Saturday 11th February, 2023. As well as a meal there will be speakers on behalf of the original Ghar Parau explorers and the current GPF committee.

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The Ghar Parau Foundation Expedition Science Workshop Weekend.


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The Ghar Parau Foundation Expedition Science Workshop Weekend.

29th - 29th March 2020 - TSG, Derbyshire

The Ghar Parau Foundation (in conjunction with BCRA) are organising a Expedition Science Weekend to encourage more expeditions to perform more scientific experiments. Both GPF and the BCRA feel that the amount of science being conducted by cavers is very low and needs to be encouraged.

This weekend will consist of a number of lectures and practicals conducted in the cave to highlight some of the relatively easy short science experiments that can be done on one off expeditions i.e. they don't necessarily be required to be conducted  on a year on year basis. The programme with be finalised early in the new year, but topics will include subjects along the lines of:-

Water tracing and conductivity,
Hypogenic cave formation
Cave Geology and morpology,
Bone identification,
Bug collecting and identification,
Bat identification and info useful to record,
Scientific surveying
Workshop on Cave Link​

GPF really hope that cavers will attend this workshop especially those going on expeditions so that their expedition will have more of a science slant rather than just an exploration and mapping emphasis. ((its free!!! :clap: :clap: -  Sign up will be early next year)

PLEASE put this date in your diary and come along and learn some fun scientific things you can do when your caving!! GPF expects this to turn in to an annual event with the science content progressively increasing, as cavers become more interested.

The Ghar Parau Foundation Secretary
Secratary [at] Gharparau.org.uk