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    25 November Hunters Lodge Inn

    'Annual competition for the longest new discovery under Mendip or Scotland between Nov 1st 2022 and Oct 31st 2023'

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Totes Gebirge expo 2022 talk - 7th March

Sarah P

New member
Nat (2022 leader) will be giving a talk on the Totes Gebirge (CUCC) expo, summarising the last 5 expeditions, then focussing on what we achieved last year. Come along to find out more about our recent finds, and all the exciting areas of ongoing exploration we have - 7 pm on Tuesday 7th March. Both f2f and online. More details and a link coming soon...

Sarah P

New member
Reminder that we have a talk tomorrow at 7 PM. Come along to find more about our annual expedition to the Loser Plateau in Austria.

The talk will be taking place at Cambridge Uni, and streamed on Zoom. There will likely also be rooms booked at Bristol and Leeds uni, so message me if you want more details.

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