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UK greatest depth underground


OK so I have been asked the question and I did not know the answer. Bit of a nerdy question really, but what bit of natural passage in the UK is deepest vertically from the surface? Not from the entrance rather rock above.

Only really of practical use to those playing around with cave radios, so perhaps CREG know.

Unexpected contenders might be White Scar or Dalebarn.




Do flooded passages count? That might give a different answer.



New member
What would the figure be at Wharfedale?

Round these parts I'd guess at the end of Wookey being in with a shout.


New member
How about South Wales - DYO or somewhere in the Llangatwg system? They head into or pass under the hills?  :confused:


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Ah - but from the bottom of Main Rising up to surface has been directly explored. Believe me, the bottom of Main Rising certainly feels deep. It's a very lonely place . . . .

Actually the present limit in Black Keld is probably a fair way from the surface, though still a long way from Langcliffe.


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Out of interest has BK been surveyed well enough yet so we know a confident grid reference for the present end?