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Steve Clark

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This was donated to me by one of our club members. Will not fit me and not suitable for the type of diving I do.

The rear zip was well corroded, but I've cleaned it up with some vinegar and silicone greased it. Works ok now.

No idea if it's totally dry. 10mm neoprene, with reinforcement patches. Boots about 9-10 I'd guess. Suit 5'9-6'1 ish. Cuff dump. Chest inflate, needs nipple swapping for conventional hose. Neoprene neck - looks ok. Tapered thick neoprene wrist seals.

I live in Caton, near Lancaster. It's heavy and I'd rather not be posting it. Can meet in the Dales.

FREE, with a preference for someone to make a suitable CRO donation if you can.


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Steve - do you want me to flag this post upon the (password protected side of the) CDG forum? That might then reach someone who would appreciate the suit.

Also, is the cuff dump an Apex one? If it is - and if the proud new owner wants to covert to a proper shoulder dump (which I'd very much advise) - could you ask if I can have the old Apex cuff dump? They can be made into P valves, so I try to collect them.

Finally, if you get no takers (e.g. if folk are wary that the zip may not be entirely reliable) the suit might be beyond economic repair. In which case I'll gladly take it off your hands for parts. But obviously see if someone wants it first. (I live pretty near to you.)

Steve Clark

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Cuff dump isn't Apeks - has 'PSC' on it in feint marking on and well glued in. Also, the chest inflator isn't a modern type valve, it's just a port with a female ferrule / schrader valve inside. There must have been some external valve for it.

I'm guessing it's ancient. It has ND's phone number printed as 0257 rather than 01257 so that's pre-1995 at least. I was quite surprised the zip cleaned and greased up ok. It doesn't appear to have had much use and the neoprene is ok.

Please advertise it to anyone that may find a use for it, or you're welcome to just have it.



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Thanks Steve; it's unlikely I can use that cuff dump - unless it has a cylindrical recess on the inside around 10 mm deep?

Yep, I agree, that's a pretty old suit. But someone may appreciate it. I'll flag up this topic on the CDG site then. (Haven't seen those inflator fittings for a long time.)

Steve Clark

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Given the age, I'd say this is probably best used for some kind of prolonged cold/wet/nasty digging job or diving support rather than actually diving in.


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Point taken.

Anyway, it's now on the CDG website, so someone may well take advantage of your offer.

Ian Ball

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I've a few metres square of old PVC off an old climbing frame. It;s pretty brittle from age and being in the sun, is it any use in tackle bag patching or straight to landfil?


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I've a few metres square of old PVC off an old climbing frame. It;s pretty brittle from age and being in the sun, is it any use in tackle bag patching or straight to landfil?
Rather than going to landfrill, it might make a good weed barrier for someone laying stone chippings. Maybe offer it on proper freecycle, if no-one on here wants it?

Steve Clark

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Clear out of mum's garage. All FREE if you can collect from Caton, Lancaster. I wouldn't use any of it for life safety.

9mm dynamic half rope offcuts, black, cut to 4m,4m,4m,8m. (bought around 2002)

10.5mm dynamic full rope, rainbow colour - 50m (bought in 1995)

10mm ish, blue kernmantle rope, very floaty and light. About 50m at a guess. Possibly polyprop. I think this was a tag-line left behind on a site. Has been outside for a while and a bit faded.

Going in the bin otherwise.


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If you get no takers Steve, maybe consider offering it to strategically situated farmers. Rope's always useful around a farm and it's all good P.R. for the caving community
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Skis etc:
  • Karhu XC Telemark GT metal-edged XC skis 180 cm with Vole 3 pin/cable binding
  • Asnes Sondre Telemark QS (waxless) metal-edged XC skis 180 cm with Rottefella Telemark 3 pin binding
  • Coll-Tex skins (to fit either of the above skis)
  • Swix Mountain ski poles 120
  • Garmont Tour leather XC boots (Nordic Norm 75 mm for 3-pin bindings) mens size 38
all the above would suit a small person or younger teenager

Collect from near Barmouth


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Calcium carbide -- 900g sealed canister (has been opened at some point, but seems pretty full). Has been kept in cupboard in garage, so it's dry.

For pickup only from Nailsea, North Somerset.