Valley Entrance to Rowten Sumps map


Hi All,

I'm writing a short article for a diving magazine (Scottish Diver) and looking for some help on the following:

i) Photographs of Aquamole (the aven in particular)
ii) Map of Valley Entrance to Rowten Sump.
Note: The latter is just for reference as I'm going to redraw it.

Photographs would be fully credited. There's no money involved sadly (I don't get anything either) but you would get a few copies for friends family etc.


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There's some stuff on my
Facebook Alan in an album. Let me know if you want any of em and I'll send you a full res copy

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Hi folks - just to be clear, I do have a map of the Rowten Sumps to Aquamole (courtesy of the new Northern Sump Index) it's more for the Valley Entrance to Rowten part. I've had a good look online and have found nowt.


Excellent work Max - I have some gear I'm buying from Tony so an extra ?3 won't hurt too much  :doubt: