Veryovkina Cave - Geologist and Guide wanted

Ian P

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I have been contacted by a New Zealand/ Japanese production company who I worked with in 2018 at Gaping Gill.

I cannot help with any of the requests but thought it worthwhile putting the relevant parts of his email here. They were a good company to work for and the remuneration was more than adequate 😃

I will point Cameron to this thread but probably best replying directly to his email.
(cameron at nznetwork.c0m)


“I am doing some more work with the same natural history doco series ' Great Nature', for Japanese broadcaster NHK. The producers are planning an episode about the geology of the Caucasus to be filmed later this year.

I had two reasons to contact you now - firstly do you know much about access and getting into Veryovkina Cave?

And secondly we are looking for a karst geologist knowledgeable about the caucuses who could be an on-camera scientist/guide to take the crew around a few locations and talk about the geology.

I wondered if amongst your caving contacts you could think of someone who might fit the bill as a geologist guide or point us in the right direction? Ideally a local Georgian scientist would be best but potential a Geo from the UK, elsewhere in Europe or even the US, would still be a go, if the right person is keen an available.

(Potentially even from New Zealand, if we are really stuck, but so far I have not found anyone here. I did mention this to our friend Kieran McKay as well, hoping to tap into his caving network, Kieran and I just completed a really interesting shoot in a cave Namibia for this series.

With regard to Veryovkina Cave, and other caves in Georgia, it is unlikely the crew would need to go deep or do anything expedition style, they would mostly just use stock footage for that, but they might want to poke around the entrances of some the caves with the geologist and might need a caving safety guide and technical support.
I also wondered if you knew any local Georgian cavers who might be able to guide the crew?

Dates are still to be fixed but we are looking at some time about mid July to late August. Filming over the course of a couple of weeks. Days involving the geologist and caves might be 4 or 5.
I wont be with the crew on the ground myself unfortunately, just helping out from afar.

Keen to hear your advice.




If I understand the politics correctly it is highly unlikely any Georgian cavers or geologists will be able to visit Veryovkina Cave.


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If I understand the politics correctly it is highly unlikely any Georgian cavers or geologists will be able to visit Veryovkina Cave.
Indeed! Any attempt to go anywhere near it would likely result in death.

It seems that Cameron and his company have failed to do appropriate research.


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indeed the Voronja area is currently not the best place to go to. But why do they want to go to there? There are a lot of other alpine karst area's in Europe which are easier to access and where you can make the same kind of docu.

- Picos d'Europe
- Cantabria
- Vercors
- Dachtstein
- ...

Outside Europe there are many more area's that are also easier to access then Voronja area.


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Indeed the Republic of Abkhazia is a partially recognised state, by Russia and a few of their supporters, but considered part of Georgia by most of united nations. Exploration has been done by Moscow cave clubs. I expect being one of the deepest is seen as more saleable.