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Wanted,Stenlight upgrade cable please.


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Excellent news Roy - many thanks for the effort. And no panic on the post - it'll only sit in the sorting-office anyway. Have a good break, whatever you do :)


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Here's some photos of Roy's custom replacement front cable after fitting just now - a little more (careful) effort is needed sliding the backplate back on, as the cable is a tad thicker, but it nipped up nicely once the screws were back in. Looks tough enough to take some knocks too, though I'll always be careful!


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The cable is the IGUS Chainflex cable. Not only does it look indestructible, although there is no such thing, but its quite solid therefore would not allow water to pass up inside it. This is a very important consideration. I will be using this cable in a new version of my Dragon.

I will need to include some Tamiya connectors in my next order to RSOnline in order to offer replacement cables.
I will also offer a service replacement on a customers own damaged cable  using the existing PCB. Although my own appears to be working out OK.

I am thinking that ?10 service replacement cable, or ?12 complete replacement plus postage is reasonable.
I also hope that I will be offering a useful service.

Just a heads up for DIYers. The polarity on the Tamiya connectors is opposite to that of XT60 and 30. On the XTs flat side is +, Tamiya its other way round, be warned. Hopefully though, Stenlights have reverse polarity protection, again hopefully a reversed MOSFET not a silly diode.


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I am just preparing an order for RSOnline but am struggling to find the Tamiya (type) connectors. These do not appear to the usual variety which can be bought off eBay.

If anyone can offer help identifying these connectors, then please advise.

In meantime I am able to offer an exchange service using the connector and PCB off the old cable fitted to new IGUS Chainflex cable, which is a massive improvement on the original.
Or, as above with a XT 60 connector for use with my power packs.

Cost of either is ?10 plus return postage


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Just made a discovery. For the benefit of clarity I do not mean a Range Rover, I leave that to the Chinese.

Anyway, the LED mount PCBs are exactly the same diameter and thickness, coincidence?, Mmm.
The copper print is different and they have two 'legs' instead of one, but a lot less fiddly than cutting them out of matrix board.
Wonders will never cease.

I havent forgot you order Phil, yes with plates and magnets


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Well that's good news, if it save a lot of fiddling about for you.
Sometimes the world just works in our favour, sometimes it doesn't. We need a Yin/Yang emoji:)