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Wookey Hole - Wardens Required


Wookey Hole - Wardens Required
dry to 24.jpg

The CSCC is in the final stages of implementing an access agreement with Wookey Hole Caves to allow dry caver access to the cave beyond the show cave and Chamber 20 (i.e. The Land of Hope and Glory and Wookey 24). As part of the agreement, we need to recruit and train at least 8 Wardens.

The requirements for Wardens are as follows:-
  • should be able to complete two training sessions between now and 09/01/2023. The training will cover the access procedure, route finding, conservation issues and the exploration history.
  • will be expected to accompany approximately 4 trips per year (this may vary as we are unsure of the demand).
  • should be physically fit enough to accompany trips to Wookey 24, as well as to The Land of Hope and Glory.
  • must have BCA caving insurance.
  • ideally have at least 2 years of caving experience and live fairly locally.

Anyone wishing to be considered should initially email canda@cscc.org.uk providing a brief statement of their caving history and the reasons why they would like to be a warden.

Applications must be received by 05/12/2023.
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Duncan Price

Active member
The copyright on that photo is actually mine as I took the picture of Craig in the calcited hole we banged from the 24 side. It's who composes the photo and presses the shutter that owns copyright not the owner of the camera. Just so you know.


Staff member
You may be in quite some danger from Old Ruminator and Mrodoc with that photograph. ;);)

Duncan Price

Active member
This is the second restriction that we tackled from the 24 end and the previous limit of exploration as the previous squeeze was passable by thin divers - you can see an unfired shot hole next to the subject's right elbow - behind Criag is a section of traversing along a rift and then the breakthrough into "Beginners' Luck" and the connection with the 20 side. Visitors/potential wardens should be aware that the connection was dug to fit the diggers and is quite snug in places and although we've had someone with a 47" chest and 120 kg though it, the exit from 24 to 20 is strenuous.