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« on: June 29, 2005, 12:06:49 am »
Hi guys.

Looks like people have been keeping busy whilst I've been away. :D

Just got back off the ice after 2 weeks Earthwatch project on the bearing glacier - Alaska.
Just killing time now in sleepy cordova before my flight this afternoon.

Guess what - Ive been caving here.  :P One of the students on the project is studying the hydrology occuring at the ice front - which handily enough involved poking around in all the abandoned ice caves. Without gear we couldnt really get too far but it was cool (no pun intended). I was amazed at how similar to limestone caves these things were - maily phreatic tubes with scollops and vadosed treanching. Boy would I like to come back with some crampons axes oversuit lamp etc.

I'll post up some photos when I get back to the UK . I have a aproximalty 4 gazillion to sort through.  :shock:

Catch ya laters.



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