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South Crofty update
« on: September 02, 2011, 12:25:15 pm »

The story so far:
The mine was reopened in September 2001, by Baseresult Ltd.  A section of the workings above adit were opened for tourist visits but these have now stopped due to mining operations very close by. In November 2007 a new company, Western United Mines (in which Baseresult had 51% interest) was formed to finance further mining operations. A crosscut at the 10 fathom level was driven north to New Cook's Kitchen Shaft to provide access and ventilation. A decline was started and became the main focus of operations passing through The Great Crosscourse (a wide clay and bouldery lode perpendicular to the main lode directions). It continues at an angle of about 15 degrees to a depth of about 1,200ft from surface.

 At the present time (late August 2011) work on the decline has been halted due to the proximity of old flooded workings which will have to be drained.  There are several crosscuts at depth and a number of boreholes have been driven to prove the existence of previously unworked lodes.  One of the crosscuts has intersected an old stope on Dolcoath Mine Main Lode near Water Engine Shaft.  Dolcoath was the largest tin mine in Cornwall for many decades and closed on Christmas day 1920.  Since then nobody has seen the workings below adit level.

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Re: South Crofty update
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Item about South Crofty & a stone mine near Beer about 1/2 an hour into this: