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Rowter Hole's Abyss
« on: August 31, 2005, 07:41:19 am »
Can't remember who it was but I seem to remember someone was wanting to know about the Abyss in Rowter.  Maybe the following extract from TSG Journal 14 (1993) page 36 (which I'll copy verbatim) will help:

11-2-92.  Climbed by M.A.Wright, S.Cundy.
Not reported as having been climbed to the top.  +18 m to a major blockage.  No passages leading off were noted.  Wooden stemple at top no longer in place.  The Abyss had in fact already been climbed.  (Editor's note: The Abyss was also investigated for a short distance by the Limestone Caving Club early in 1992).

Incidentally I sometimes despair at the number of cavers who are unfamiliar with what's written in major local caving club journals.  There's a wealth of information in these.  They are so helpful to exploring cavers.  A lot of work goes into producing a caving club journal and the more people that buy them the better, since this increases their circulation so the information in them becomes more freely available when needed.  We should ALL support caving club journals by writing stuff in them and buying them.


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