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« on: October 20, 2005, 01:13:21 am »

very funny if you like things like

a sniff to wet your appetite....

  As American gas prices sky rocket in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the sterling leadership of a president who continues to pursue a military campaign against irrational religious-led violence because God told him to, reports are now reaching the international media of the horrifying steps some US citizens have been forced to take in order to keep mobile. Alarm bells were first set ringing by first hand reports of at least one man on the West Coast deciding to order a brand new Dodge Thrustfucker with a 5.7-litre engine, rather than the premium package 7.8-litre V8. However, this soon proved to be just the start of a series of measures that many desperate Americans are taking as the gas crisis takes hold. Several major US cities have reported multiple cases of drivers electing not to use their cars at all, even on long journeys such as from the donut store to the Starbucks at the other end of the block. Experts say such occurrences can only mean one thing; that the gas price situation has hit so hard, some Americans may even have taken to the last resort of 'walking'. "I saw this guy yesterday, he was moving along the street but he didn't have a car," said one shocked eye witness. "He was kind of moving his legs systematically, one after the other to achieve some sort of forward motion. I can't say how, but it sure looked like he was doing this without burning any gas whatsoever. May God have mercy on us all".
As the US gas crisis deepens and with no end in sight as yet, many Americans are now turning to their President to take action, hopefully by firing some missiles at A-rabs.


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