Author Topic: Tying up some loose ends- P8, Eldon Hill & quarry, Slitherstones and beyond  (Read 17396 times)

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Here's surface shots of the two shafts I mentioned with the aerial photo, with the Thistle cap betwixt them, in case they jog any memories:

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I have opened another thread, to split off any discussion about windle and rush mines.

I think i might abort on the halfbaked plans for geosurveying and heat detection, and plumb for the derbyshire technique- follow the mines...

I still think that perhaps it would still be an idea to do some of the geo-whatsitting and that, but i guess more out of interest than anything so i guess i ought to state that now. So that mr jenkinson and other people don't put a lot of work in trying to find people.

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Re the image Mark kindly posted for me cos Im a feckin retard at this shit..........  The shaft I mentioned previously is marked to south of Thistle - winding shaft with gin circle covered in large grill. Think it was about 60m deep and blind but with deep grooves (from hauling) in wall only feet from bottom so must go deeper. Should still be possible to get down this one as the grill is in sections and a couple of the welded on bolts mysteriously got cut off and replaced with normal bolts;-) Martin Grayson (TSG) went down and latterly Ali Gaybar and H from SUSS had a poke at bottom but we got caught by the farmers wife.

The area circled to north of thistle looks like a run in shaft with a bit of old fencing around it - me n Grayson had a quick look but ended up rescuing a lamb that was stuck down there.

Has anyone been down the other shafts on windle/rush vein - there are a couple more big shafts to the west of the one Ive circled????


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