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Interesting Giants trip.
« on: April 08, 2006, 11:47:23 am »
Went in on thursday for another session at St Valentines.

Firstly - there was a backup type torch in the car park (describe it and its yours).

Then a bit of tat on the approach path.

Then at garlands - there was the strangest rigging.
The twin P-bolts on the left and been lassooed (i.e. threaded with the loop of a fig 8 and the whole rope theaded through the loop ). The rope then stretched all the way across the lip of the waterfall - to the single Fixe resin on the right (looking out). It was tied to this (no mallion/crab) and then down to the bottom of the pitch.  :?  :?:  :?  - bizzare to say the least.

There was no-one else in the system (I dont think - no cars).

I can only guess that it was to protect the climb round the right.

But why leave it there ?? anybody know owt about it.

After a session at the sump (see other thread) we went round to the filthy five. Now it was pretty wet but whist standing in spout hall (Just after the far curtain where there is a knotted rope over an undercut climb with a neck deep pot in the floor. ) I looked up into the roof to see a fresh tide mark about 30 foot up. I was gob smacked. It must have been fron the melt water the other week.

On the way up the filthy five - there was litter stuck to the roof above the 2nd pitch.  :shock:

So there you go -

oh and we found our crowbar on the way out.


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