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Underwater Potholer reprinted!
« on: May 10, 2019, 03:20:03 pm »
I'm pleased to report that the initial print run of "Underwater Potholer - a cave divers' memoirs" has sold out so it has been reprinted.  I took the opportunity to get the publisher to apply a few corrections to typos etc. (Thanks to Joe Duxbury for providing me with a list of errata) - I understand that the e-book has not been corrected on the hard copy edition.  Pick up your copy from any good mobile caving shop - don't ask me for copies I don't keep a stock apart from any that I receive in lieu of royalties (those I got recently have all been disposed of).

I'm trying to persuade the publisher to permit me to do a second edition to include what's gone on in the 5 years or so since the book came out.  I have at least enough material for 3 chapters covering cave diving in Wigmore with a broken toe, the Wookey tunnelling project and how that cave rescue almost ruined my wedding.



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