Author Topic: Wrist watches for caving  (Read 640 times)

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Re: Wrist watches for caving
« Reply #25 on: Yesterday at 06:12:48 pm »
On e-bay F91W of course most will be genuine?

Fake or not does it keep water out and tell the time ? thats all that matters to me .  ;D
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Re: Wrist watches for caving
« Reply #26 on: Yesterday at 06:23:55 pm »
I've used Casio watches for decades. No idea how many over all but just the basic 50m or 100m water resistant with a backlight. Not just for caving but all the time. I find the stopwatch function useful for above ground navigation. The batteries never run out but the rubber strap breaks eventually and I just buy a new replacement watch.
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Re: Wrist watches for caving
« Reply #27 on: Yesterday at 06:41:10 pm »
...h got a Huawei Watch GT (note, not "GT2", that's a different beast). This is a "dumb" smart watch... battery lasts for 3-4 weeks with normal use... Can get new off eBay for ~£80 or second hand (but still good condition) for £40....
Nothing to do with underground stuff but that might be exactly what I need as depending on how things go, I might be after a barometric altimeter watch next summer and I don't currently own one. Will remember, thanks
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Re: Wrist watches for caving
« Reply #28 on: Yesterday at 08:25:09 pm »
Casio all the way. Bought a W-59 in 2013 and it's only really run out of juice this year. A bit scratched, yes, and the sidelight got too dim to use in any circumstance except caving by about 2018 haha, but it's still trying to this day :lol:

I have a F91W now because I lost the other one for a while. Like Paul I find the straps go first. You can buy nylon straps on ebay and attach or you can also sometimes buy a multi-pack of replacement straps for the same price as a new watch.

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Re: Wrist watches for caving
« Reply #29 on: Yesterday at 08:47:54 pm »
Rolexes are actually very good; better to avoid scratching them by wearing gloves/wristbands over the top though, as per earlier comment above. Submariner better than Oyster perpetual datejust or Explorer.

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Re: Wrist watches for caving
« Reply #30 on: Yesterday at 09:42:59 pm »
Unfortunately I am still not old enough or responsible enough to wear a watch.
I also thought that caving was supposed to be a great way to get away from the time pressures daily life tries to impose on us.
I like most of you have a remarkably accurate sense of thirst that helps me arrive at the right place prior to closing time. Uncanny really and has worked for over 35 years, maybe if it begins to fail that will be the signal to wear a watch.
So save the face of your rolex and dont buy the casio, blow the money on an after trip pint.
Needing a watch at work however is useful if you charge by the hour, but I wasn't aware that Badlad had become a solicitor, so does that mean his irata assessment are now based on rope manoeuvres against the clock :o 

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Re: Wrist watches for caving
« Reply #31 on: Today at 07:30:22 am »
I've also generally used Casios as they're hard to destroy. My first one survived 6 months in a tropical jungle, a 40m fall onto rocks in the Berger (which cracked its face but it still functioned) and eventually ran out of battery about a year later. I've had several since - I tried G-shocks but found them too bulky, so went back to the cheap and cheerful ones.

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Re: Wrist watches for caving
« Reply #32 on: Today at 09:09:49 am »
I just keep my Apple Watch on. Gotta track those calories :lol:
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Re: Wrist watches for caving
« Reply #33 on: Today at 10:29:54 am »
Another advantage i like of smart watches, and whilst not caving related exactly it is related to building and general messy jobs, is that you can check incoming messages (whatsapp, sms, calls, etc) without having to get your phone out of your pocket with your filthy hands.

I know this may seem silly, but there are some calls i really do need to take, especially work or family related, and if you are, say, halfway through clipping a messy sheep's bottom it's a faff checking your phone even when it's some random withheld number calling.
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