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petzl roc trip
« on: December 14, 2004, 11:11:27 pm »
was reading the last copy of On The Edge magazine (climbing) and came across the article about the Petzl rock trip. This is where the climbing glitteri travel the world to the climbing hotspots whilst their hosts show them all the classic lines, all sponsored by petzl.

Whilst reading I came across this.

We headed back to their accomodation in the fine village of Castleton, heart of the Peak District and home to all things quaint. We'd booked them a cavers hut, cheap and cheerfull  it said. Interesting description , 'cheap' was about right, but more of a cavers garage with a tin roof, a vast heap of broken iron age farming equipment, and a vague excuse for a cooking area in the corner.


Sounds like the TSG then.

No offence to the TSG like - its a top caving hut, but not where I'd choose to house the world famous climbing glitteri who are probably more used to log cabins in Chamonix or plush RVs in Colorado.


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