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Kendal Mountain Festival Underground Speakers
« on: October 31, 2017, 11:32:25 am »
Kendal Mountain Festival
Petzl Underground Session Speakers
Friday 17th November 8pm - Bar earlier.

Tickets and more information from:

A packed evening featuring:

Martyn Farr – The Darkness Beckons.  The third edition of Martyn’s book on cave diving is the best yet.  Tales of adventure, determination, tragedy and pushing the limits in some of the most remote places on earth are bound to feature in his talk.

Matt Kirby and Frank Pearson – Mulu’s Clearwater Cave System.  At over 200km long this tropical cave is amongst the longest in the world.  Matt has been at the heart of the exploration for over thirty years.  Frank has recently completed the first top to bottom through trip exploring new passages on route.

David Rose – meets the photographers and showcases British caves.  Award winning journalist and author David Rose will guide us through this session.   Live on stage we’ll meet Nicky Bayley, Mark Burkey and Stu Gardiner.  Each photographer will present a selection of their work while Dave asks the questions – where, why and how on earth!  Cave photography doesn’t happen without the assistance of others and we’ll hear about their experiences too.

Paul Diffley – The Ario Dream preview.  This is the first time renowned filmmaker Paul Diffley has tested his skills underground.  He follows the Ario Project explorations under the Picos de Europa in Northern Spain.   The full film premieres on Saturday night but we are being treated to some exclusive excerpts to finish off the night.

Introducing the evening will be the indomitable Steph Dwyer, herself a leading cave explorer and who may just feature in the Ario film  ;)

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Re: Kendal Mountain Festival Underground Speakers
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The KMF trailer 2017 - well worth a watch:

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Re: Kendal Mountain Festival Underground Speakers
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Tonight folks!

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