Author Topic: Nearly complete descent collection for sale - All proceeds to Ghar Parau  (Read 6386 times)

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Hi All

Thanks for all the interest in this. It is much appreciated. Though the reserve was sadly not met, the winner bidder has kindly offered to make a larger donation in aid of Ghar Parau  :clap2: ;D

Mark, thanks very much for the kind offer to include issues 2 and 3. I'm sure the winning bidder will be very grateful.

Ill drop you a PM

Thanks again

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That's a great result  :thumbsup:

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I guess that there'd be copyright issues etc. around reproduction of whole publications.  I think there is a clause in copyright laws about selective reproduction of small extracts for quotes, or reviews, and fair use, etc. but not the whole thing and almost certainly probably not reproducing for resale.
Maybe the original publishers could advise?


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