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    Parc Lead mine info

    A harness or load bearing belt and cow tails would be useful for safety. There are some holes in the floor which have safety lines to clip into. The CAL sites has a guide ( and don't forget to register! Mobile phone signals in the Gwydyr are poor to non-existent so you may...
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    Parc Mine Hidden wagons

    There is a solitary loaded tipping wagon on a sub level ABOVE level 2. After you go through Roy's dig and crawl through the three collapses the passage carries on towards the ore diversion truck. There is an old ladderway nearby (can't remember whether is before or after the truck) which is...
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    DistroX2 problem

    It's a long time since I used my distroX2 but since I had a new cave to survey I thought I would try out SexyTopo on my mobile rather then using a PDA. Since the distroX2 hadn't been calibrated for a long time that was the first job: I had a few difficulties getting a good calibration figure...
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    Possible collapse near Alt y Crib mine at Tal y Bont

    NRW have been in contact with Cave Access Limited to report that a member of the public has reported a hole appearing a footpath in the nearby woodland. This may be due to a collapse of old mine workings and NRW have closed the footpath pending investigation. They ask that visitors to the area...
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    The CAL agreement with NRW has ended

    The directors of Cave Access Ltd (CAL) were told on 24/11/21 without any notice in a Zoom meeting with NRW that NRW has unilaterally terminated CAL's mine access agreement with immediate effect. CAL's scheme had been operating successfully for about 6 years without any concerns being voiced. ...
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    Access to Rhiwbach Slate Mine under the CAL agreement

    Cave Access Limited has an agreement with National Resources Wales/Welsh Government to permit registered cavers and mine-explorers to visit sites listed in the agreement and this has worked well for the last 5 years. Recently CAL has become aware of a restriction being placed on Rhiwbach Slate...
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    Cave Access Ltd access permit renewal for 2020

    Just a quick reminder that if you want to lead parties underground in any of the mining sites covered by the CAL - NRW agreement then you need to register for 2020 by sending a email to: stating your name, BCA number and Club name (DIM's just use BCA as the club). CAL...
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    Deafing silence on the BCA ballot

    Hmmm. Ballot closed at midnight yesterday. It's now 21 hours later. No sign of any white or black smoke on the BCA website so are the 6000 votes still being counted or is there a problem? Dave
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    harness found - Poachers Cave

    Found a climbing harness, a cord loop with new screw-gate crab and a (dead) tiny torch at the bottom of the entrance pitch into Poachers Cave, North Wales last Thursday night (8/2/18). PM me with a brief description and I will organise its return. Cheers, Dave
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    Contact details for Brynmawr CC

    Can someone PM the contact details for Brynmawr CC. Mails to bounce as they direct to Paul's dead freeserve account. Cheers, Dave [with CCC Secretary hat on]
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    PGEB-NM053040 batteries

    Has anyone got a spare PGEB-NM053040 batteries for sale as the one in my distroX2 seems to have died. I checked with Ben and he has sold all the ones he brought. If no-one has any spare I'll order a batch. Cheers, Dave
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    Access to Hafna Mine, Gwydyr Forest

    Cave access Limited are pleased to announce that Hafna Mine in the Gwydyr Forest has been added to list of sites in the NRW - CAL agreement. Please see the CAL site for further details: CAL are very grateful to NRM for allowing access to this interesting site with...
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    contact details for CCPC secretary and Newbury & District CC Secretary

    With my Cambrian Caving Council secretaries hat on I am looking for email details for the secretaries of: Crewe Climbing & Potholing Club Newbury & District Caving Club. I have been to both websites and left a message, but it may be quicker if someone from the clubs PM the details. Cheers, Dave
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    The NRW mine access agreement

    As some of you are aware an agreement has been signed between Natural Resources Wales and Cave Access Limited to permit recreational mine explorers and cavers to have legal access to certain mines on NRW property. The agreement was signed on the 3rd March 2015 and will run for a year with the...
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    Aberystwyth Cavers email not working...

    The email address for Aberystwyth University Caving Club: seems to have stopped working. Mail seems to get redirected to and then ends up in a black hole.  I recently tried to email the April CCC Newsletter to them. This is now on the CCC website, but It...