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10th Anniversary Bash


New member
It's a bit short notice but being the usual disorganised secretary it's no surprise.

You may not know but the Cheddar Caving club is 10 years old this month. To celebrate this we are inviting existing and past members along to our event.
On Saturday 13th Andy Sparrow is organising a High Ropes course. Should be great fun as Meg and I did this in the Vercors. Contact Andy if you want to come along asap.
Later on in the evening at 8pm we will be having a party in the Kings Head, Silver Street, Cheddar.
:beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
As we cannot locate all previous members, if you know anyone who used to be in the ChCC give them a nudge for us.

Kind Regards

Mark Whyte


Sorry I won't be able to make it  :cry:- but I will be getting some sun, and doing some caving* instead  :tease:

*not at the exact same time obviously!


New member
The bash
Saturday 13th September 2008

Twas a fine sunny day for some fun and frolics in the wilderness of Bridgwater. Seventeen members / ex members arrived at the Activity Centre to scare some *?%" out of themselves.
Most of us were on time but some were a bit late (yes the ones who gave the directions on how to get there)
So, no time at all was lost getting into some very sexy full body harnesses.

Does my tackle look big in this??............er nope!


We then took a very short stroll (thank God it was, those harnesses were a tad uncomfortable down there) to the scene of our awaiting pain and discomfort.
A short talk on all things safe and secure aided by the ever busy Mr Sparrow doing his best impression of a bat and we were then free to start screaming and crying like babies.

The mad sump diver just became madder by the minute.

We started with some 'simple' beam walking. Here is Barry Hulatt doing just that.


Trish wire walking.


This then progressed to the more tricky and unnerving tests. Like balancing four people on a pole 30 feet up with a platform the size of a chessboard to stand on.  :eek:


Barry, Andy, Rachel and Meg (hiding) go first.


Zoe, already up there awaits the arrival of the rest of us. Karen tries to calm her down.


Yours truly takes another chance to grope some female flesh.


It's the all male team of Ken 'Cover Boy' Passant, Steve 'The real deal' Pointon, Chris 'Lock up yer daughters' Castle and Glynn 'No sweat' Rowland who show how it's supposed to be done.


Then onto the Jacobs ladder. The winning team (including Ken again. He's my hero  8)) took it by storm getting all  four members on the top log, not just sitting but standing!

Zoe on the ladder looking calm and in control.

Other tasks included making a tower for four. Isn't that crate!


The final assault on our already fragile nerves was to climb 35 feet up and leap across to grab a trapeze.
Even Steve 'The real deal' had to think about this one!


However we did all survive to emerge into the glorious sunset ready for an evening of fun and merriment. That's a pi** up to me and you. Please remember to drink responsibly


So it was on to the Kings Head in Cheddar.

Most of the other original founding members came along to celebrate our great event.

The Cap'n and a Wessex infiltrator (the lovely Carmen) and Martin.


Hugh and the always lovely Elaine looking at a picture of the original club members at the previous club meeting point, the White Hart.


Rowan Normans dad Tim.


So obviously a speach was in order which the Castlemeister very willingly got up on stage for. This included Chris reminiscing of the time his caving had to stop in WWII whilst he served in the Luftwaffe.


Then it was down to lots of drinking and chit chat.

Zoe explains to Karen why she ended up marrying Andy Hebden.  :eek:


There was also plenty of nosh in the form of some fine Chinese cusine.


There was a raffle too with lots of lucky people walking away with stunning prizes (not me though, was it fixed??)
Steve the 'Real Deal' and Karen also printed off lots of trip logs which along with the original hand written log book provided a great deal of laughs and things to talk about. Thanks for that Steve and Karen. Much appreciated.
Thanks also to Andy for organising the High Ropes course as we all know how busy he and Rachel are. Thank you to Sue Gray for some wonderful cake and Robin for organising the meal.
We then had to have the obligatory photo. So here we are ten years later. Cheddar Caving Club Past and Present.
We now look to the future ten years with more fun, exploring and discovering.


If I've left anyone out please feel free to criticise. We only took and 150 photos so I haven't got time to put them all on.


Mark Whyte
(Twas an even better day for me 2 - 1 Get in there!!)


Active member
Argh - that is a hideous photo of me! Burn it right now!

Good fun evening though. Thank you.