2016 online logbook


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I'm not sure if anyone reads this any more, but for 2016 we have still been caving lots, just not writing it up.
Anyway, Weds this week we all wen to Gough's and some of us did the Great Hairy Ring (SRT playground for those not familiar with it) and me, Emma and Pete went to Lloyd hall to have a look at the dive pool. I had a moment of "I hate caving" when I was crawling in great pain due to my dodgy shoulder through the slippery slot, but this was soon removed when the terrific SRT down to the pool was in sight.
I was totally unprepared for the trip - I had planned to do the hairy ring but there were loads of folk on it - so I was wearing trainers and a cotton suit over shorts and T shirt. Heyho, its only a bit of mud.
Thanks to Chris Castle for organising - I hope access to the hairy ring will still be available when he retires from Cheddar caves, as it's not easy to rig.