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a short summer season...

ian mckenzie

New member
My second caving trip of the year... the snow has finally gone from two of the three 'going' caves we have been working on here in the Canadian Rockies. This one is currently 280m deep; we looked at a side-lead partway down, dropped two new pitches but stopped at a loose third one down which a stream can be heard. But the pitch is so loose that no bedrock can be seen, just jammed stones with car-sized boulders tipped at angles above it. We'll leave that one until the easy leads are all done. A nice short (6 hour) trip and a mere 70m of survey, not enough to get tired but enough to say we were caving.

We will be spending a week here at the end of the month to try and connect all three caves - each is over 200m deep - which will give us a -400m+ deep system.