Adopt a 'Priddyite' as a caver initiative


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When exiting Eastwater with 3 novices today, I found a man from Priddy staking out the entrance while walking his dog. He told me he wanted to try caving and needed some advice to get started. I've taken his number and offered to find him a friendly local club to take him caving for the first time.

Any offers? I'm snowed under with new cavers at the moment (and we can only take on university students as members (although I'm happy to go with people insured through other clubs)).

Let me know and I'll pass on his details.


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Hi - All the local Mendip clubs have some sort of scheme to help new cavers, such as help to borrow or hire kit and expert advice. I suggest he emails the clubs from their websites that he likes the look of and then makes contact.

Wessex CC might be the most accessable for someone living in Priddy and can offer a great introduction to new local cavers.

Ofcourse there are lots of clubs who can do the same.

Cheddar Caving Club -usually do at least one novice trip a month, one off mendip trip and a couple of intermediate ones on Mendip, they are also doing the Mendip Underground A to Z at the moment (which at the moment have been fairly varied abilities). If he is interested he could go on their website- I'm not trying to make him join but he might want to come along and give it a try.

PM me if you need more details