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Another SRT rig question


Does anyone actually bother carrying spare SRT kit.
eg spare devices (tibloc, ropeman prussik loops etc)

I never have.

Neil B

I always carry a spare light (only a maglite, admittedly) but never SRT kit. The way I see it, I never cave alone so, if I did somehow lose a bit of kit I could just borrow off someone else.


Sometines a Patzl Shunt (in case of muddy ropes - would use this as top jammer in that case) otherwise, as others have said, would get by by borrowing other people's stuff.


I just have a little bag with all the emergency essentials - mars bar, survival bag, prussik loop and a pear shape krab. I reckon that should cover pretty much most things. And I really couldn't be arsed lugging another srt kit about- one weighs enough!

Rachel :clap:


Active member
only carry a spare basic jammer when on my own. tend to carry pulley all the time in the rigging bag just for sack hauling.


New member
I've never carried a spare SRT kit, occasionally carry a tibloc if I have my srt bag with me.. but thats about it!

pothole pils

I can't see the need, you can just improvise every essential piece of kit. Admitidly, it's not all that efficient but you can get yourself out of a scrape if something fails and you can't borrow.


I always carry a couple of prusik loops with me just in case.

Not quite SRT, but I also carry a pulley on my kit for setting up a z-rig (which paid off a year ago in Giants.....) on ladder and lifeline work.


I always carry a Pro Traxion - it doubles up as a jammer and I find it very useful for tackle hauling - I also have a couple of extra HMS krabs which are good for clipping tackle bags onto my battery belt and again might just see you out of a pickle....


So generally not then, the odd tibloc/loop here and there.

Ive got a mini traxion and have oft thought taking it. Its just they're expensive and its all shiney and new :nopity:

underground said:
I carry the full set, harness, jammers, everything- in a small tackle bag. And a spare Oldham T3 lamp.

yeah right :twak: