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BBC Ultimate Caving



VivB said:
For the freshers stall, get fit girls to man the stall by all means, but get some fit blokes too! ;)

Tried that. Guess what happened.
Unmanned stall.
Bad idea.


Does anyone have this to lend/upload/already shared on the web?  I had a quick look on UKnova but it wasn't there although I think it should be :)

I'd be happy to share it on the web if I had access to it I think it would be a good watch.  On the same topic does nayone know of any other Caving vids available?


Well-known member
I'm no expert but I always understood that the owner of a copyright has to prove that the alleged breaker of that copyright has caused them loss of money. If no-one is charged for watching the vid then I should imagine that it'd be difficult to prosecute you, as by definition there would be no loss to recover. Don't rely on this though as I'm not a legal type.

However . . . why do TV types always have to make caving look far, far more difficult than it really is? For example, take the Swildon's Sump 1 free dive. Next time you watch the film, set a stop watch going and time how long it "took" for Kate Humble to dive through. Then bear in mind that the sump is only 2 or 3 feet long.

However, on the whole, much of the film was pretty good although perhaps a long way from being "ultimate" caving. And I think that the two presenters did pretty well, even if they were carefully supervised. I know quite a few experienced cavers who hesitate to go on a Titan trip and I well remember free diving Swildons 1 myself as a teenager, as my first ever sump - it took a lot of commitment. So I think they did extremely well. The very last scene was a disappointment though (in terms of caving PR).

Pete K

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Pitlamp said:
However . . . why do TV types always have to make caving look far, far more difficult than it really is?

Ratings. If it looked easy it would be boring. Add that to the rather bias coverage that caving accidents get in the media and you have an enticing program. Why is it that when someone falls off Stanage it doesn't make the news? Simple - climbing is no longer perceived as such an extreem sport these days, what with schools and gyms investing in climbing walls. Although the bad press is annoying, at least we are all perceived to be HARDCORE EXTREEM SPORTSMEN/WOMEN. (y)


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I suppose you're right about ratings - but the real story of caving (not some editorial embellishment) is much more interesting, if told well.

As caving films go it had a lot of good points and I'm still impressed by what KH achieved for a complete novice.