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Berger 2019


Active member
Hi all,

No doubt by now some of you will be aware that there was a joint trip to the Berger in July. Those who know me personally are now sick of the sound of the place as its kinda dominated my conversation and FB posts for the last six months. Also, most will know that the winning photo in the Inglesport photo competition was taken by James, a member of the team.

However, this is not a trip report as post Berger I have done nowt but write reports and journals from the trip?But I will say the trip was a roaring success with 19 of the 29 attending cavers reaching the bottom and others reaching their personal objectives. The trip was spearheaded by the Rucksack club with cavers attending from CPC, YSS, BEC, MCG, SWCC and Wessex CC. The team bonded incredibly well which led to a successful trip.

This post is more of a huge thanks to a couple of groups. When a post went out on UKC regarding the trip, the first folk to respond were Mark, Mark and Mark from the Buttered Badgers PC and more recently known for the ?Berger Book? . In ?L?espirt d?equipe?  they offered to help out with the loan of equipment and anything else we needed. Their kind offer was taken up and they provided us with all the bags we needed and the offer of any rope or additional ironmongery we required.

However, this was not required because thanks to DMM, Wales, we got sponsorship in the form of DMM giving us 130 karabiners for the trip. These were greatly received.Post trip, these karabiners have now been donated to a Berger kit kitty for future use.

Another shout out must go to ?Pelicase?  who replaced a case free of charge after it decided to free fall 90ft down Gontards pitch. Despite the case being smashed to pieces, the phone the case contained survived the fall and was fully functional at C1. This not only demonstrated what a quality product the cases are but amazing customer service from Peli.
Attached are a few fuzzy photos of the group..with bags and photo's of the damage case with a snap of James demonstrating the phone worked from C1.