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Book Review - The Fauld Disaster, 27 November 1944


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Author Nick McCamley,  Hard Back, 250pp, 250mm x 250mm ?24.99 (post free from www.moorebooks.co.uk) available from the usual outlets.

For me this has been a long awaited book, it  describes in detail what led up to the RAF acquiring this Staffordshire Mine  to use as a Bomb Store during WW2, On the morning of Monday 27th November 1944 an enormous  explosion rocked the Staffordshire countryside. Near the village of  Fauld a whole hilltop, an estimated two million tons of rock and  debris, was blasted two thousand feet into the air leaving a crater  a quarter of a mile in diameter and one hundred feet in depth. Nick had special access to mine levels and has a produced a superb photographic record from his own and historical photos most in colour.

The book includes:
? A detailed overview of RAF ammunition storage policy  through the inter-war years.
?Illustrated history of the development, construction (and  often the subsequent destruction) of the RAF?s five huge,  architecturally breathtaking underground bomb storage  depots, built in preparation for the Second World War.
?The second half of the book explains the chain of events  that led up to the disaster at Fauld, describes the moments  before and immediately after the explosion in graphic detail  and goes on to give a definitive account of the cause of  the catastrophe based upon a forensic examination of the  Air Ministry Court of Inquiry records and the subsequent  civilian Coroner?s Inquiry.