Books to inspire aspiring new caver

hell little caver

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the great caving adventure! is amzing as stupot other half this is still my  favrate book  and i think will alway remain if you guys ever want to go caving inn wales give me a bell1 not for a few weeks as i'm in plaster



The first book about caving I ever read was "Down to a Sunless Sea" by Mike Boon. I haven't got a copy of this book, so I haven't read it for a very long time and I guess it's a rather difficult book to obtain (anybody know where I could get a copy?). But I do remember that it made a very, very strong impression on me.

ULSA Exploration Journal No 1 is excellent value for money if you can get a copy, or any of the pre-WW2 Yorkshire Ramblers Club Journals for some derring-do.




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The last adventure or whatever the diving book is called was fantastic as far as i was concerned! Kick started my enthusiasm after a lay off. Plus i can fit into Pitlamps jacket after 20 year so its a good check on my diet.... ;)
Diving wise i find any sump which makes me curious or think 'well i wonder if its worth a look', should come under this heading so the Northern Sump Index should figure! I dont see anyone brave enough to take on the challenge of  a revision.. I'm certainly not!
Let's not forget folk the books which most likely started the vast majority of northern cavers starting, the Northern Caves guides. I got NC3 for christmas when i was 12 and it all went wrong from there...


Actually thats a good point - it was pretty much 'caves of the peak district' (the pink one with geology pot on the front) that got me going as a teenager