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Britain Beneath Your Feet - BBC1

Joe Duxbury

What did people think of the 2 programmes under this title?
I thought the first one, with Gaping Gill, and the River Fleet, was good. Why on earth they couldn't come up with anything better than puffin burrows and a badger sett for the second one, I don't know. How about the chalk and stone mines under peaceful English suburbs? Or the salt mines in Cheshire?


New member
There was a thread about this, although where it is now I don't know (which leads to the question: are old threads being moved to fit the new structure or left where they are/were posted, unless the old board is removed and it needs a new home)?

Puffins and badgers was a bit of a disappointment (from an underground explorers point of view perhaps), not that I have anything against them, was interesting all the same - given the audience it was aimed at I'd say it did its job (as in "beneath feet" which in no way implies it should be accessible by humans).


Active member
I turned off after that stoopid twat threw flares into Gaping Ghill, what a muppet!

Still it probs gives the "squares" summat to squirm over whilst binging on Wife Beater and Curry!


Yes that was very good. The descent of the main shaft looked extremely wet. I didn't notice any attempt to deviate out of the flow. Also the beck level looked quite high. Jib Tunnel and the dihedral would have been my choice! It would have been nice to see the route through to Bar Pot but I imagine the camera crew baulked at that. Still good to see caving portrayed in a positive manner.