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I have a few copies left of the book Castleton Caves  written by Trevor Ford and photography by Paul Deakin printed in 2008 cost is ?9.99 - you can purchase this with the Castleton Mines book  (?25.00) direct from me for ?31 post free  (send PM to sort payment)

see the review below from University of Leicester

Author and the Peak?s foremost geologist, Trevor Ford, spent his early years exploring the caves and is the first to admit that age has now robbed him of the ability to go underground again. This is a pity, for his worthy successors have found two enormous systems ? Titan and Leviathan ? which are the deepest in the country.

Even if you have no desire to set off on a 500ft descent of one of these monsters, or wade through passages full of fast flowing water, the fantastic work of underground photographer Paul Deakin shows you what you may be glad you are missing. Paul?s incredible technique and skill has produced images of passages stretching into the distance. Even the vast height of Titan and Leviathan were mastered as cavers were caught by his lens, making their descent hundreds of feet above him.

Trevor Ford describes the cave systems (and there are many) in detail and tantalisingly speculates on others which have been lost or offer potential sites for new discoveries. There are numerous plans and diagrams as well as the photographs mentioned above.

?Castleton Caves? will be an eye opener to most casual observers of caving, let alone the enthusiasts, but comes with a word of warning: under any circumstances, never go underground without the company of an experienced caver. Like Trevor?s last book ? Rocks & Scenery of the Peak District


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