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Cave Rescue Open Day - 2nd September


Our open day will be held on the 2nd September 2023.

Our Open Day is for experienced cavers, who may be looking at joining the team or just want to know more about how cave rescue works.


The Open Day is NOT a ‘hard sell’ DCRO recruiting event. It is an opportunity to see what DCRO does, play with some interesting kit, learn or refresh some skills which you may find useful underground and to meet and network with other local cavers. If after that you do feel interested in joining the team, there will be people there who can explain more about what DCRO membership entails and the benefits it can give you.

The Open Day usually starts at 09:45 with a brew provided and during the day there will be a rotation of practical sessions to take part in;

  • What is DCRO and what do we do?
  • Rigging for rescue.
  • Stretchers and stretcher handling.
  • First Aid / Casualty Care underground.
  • Surface and Underground Comms.
There will be a break for lunch (basic lunch and more brews are provided) and the day will finish around 3.30pm.

There is no charge for the Open Day and the refreshments and lunch are provided free.

To register your interest head to our website.



Just Bumping this thread, We did have a slight problem with the registration form on some devices that meant registrations couldn't go through so feel free to re-register if you want to be double Shure!

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